Less is More

Sometimes “less is more” when it comes to medicine. Your pet may be able to heal themself with the proper support and time. I can help you find the least amount of vaccinating, medical and surgical intervention, and even supplementation that it takes to keep your companion healthy.

My motivation is to keep your pet healthy and you satisfied. This approach has the added benefit of often saving you money, sometimes even thousands of dollars. Contact me.

Integrative Approach

If we decide that your pet does need holistic veterinary care, I provide an integrative approach, offering both conventional western medicine and many alternatives.

I have successfully supported countless pets with the following modalities:

  • Conventional Western Medicine: Preventative, pharmaceutical, and surgical care
  • Nutritional support: Home-prepared raw and cooked diet formulation, commercial diet selection, prescription diets, and supplements
  • Western Herbal Therapy: Product recommendation and/or wild plant identification and use
  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: Acupuncture, herbal, and food therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Prolotherapy
  • Euthanasia: Hospice care and decision-making processes

I will carefully listen to you and explain the pros and cons of any conventional or alternative options that interest you. I will bring extensive experience, knowledge, common sense, intuition, and compassion to our discussions. Contact me.

Feelings Allowed!

In addition to the practice of holistic veterinary medicine, I am trained and experienced in facilitating difficult, emotionally-charged decisions. Are you feeling scared, sad, angry, ashamed, joyful? All of your feelings and thoughts are welcome.  I provide a safe, confidential place for sharing. I will carefully listen, accept, and work to understand how you are feeling. Then, together, we can find your inner strength and wisdom to make grounded decisions and tackle problems. I am not a therapist. I am a veterinarian with a big heart and a desire for self-awareness. I want to seek my own truth while helping you to find yours. Contact me.

Your Companion’s and Your Quality of Life Matter

I will focus on your companion’s needs, your medical philosophy, and your resources. My goal is to find the path that will improve your pet’s AND your quality of life.


Contemplating euthanasia may be the most difficult part of caring for animal companions. I have gently helped many loving pet owners through the process of deciding when it is time to let their animal go.


“Holistic” means much more than acupuncture and herbs. A truly holistic approach considers your family’s needs, capabilities, and healthcare philosophy. You are a good person no matter what you decide. Spending more money on testing or treatments might help, but it does not imply superior pet ownership or care. No guilt, no shame, no judgment.

If proceeding with any particular treatment compromises the rest of your family’s needs or even your medical beliefs, then it is not a holistic approach. I can help you figure out what is reasonable for you and what fits your budget to care for your pet. In over a decade of practice, I have helped many, many pet owners gain power over their animal’s health care – and often save money at the same time.

Long-Distance Holistic Veterinary Consulting

Distance may prohibit the direct use of some modalities, and physical examinations are necessary before making a diagnosis or prescribing pharmaceuticals. However, my experience will help me recognize when a certain type of therapy will be the most likely to benefit your pet. I can consult with you as your primary holistic veterinarian offering simple, yet effective over the counter suggestions that you may implement at home.

Alternatively, I can coordinate care from the appropriate veterinary specialist(s) in your region. I can help you find the most qualified practitioner nearest to you. Together, we can appropriately evaluate out-of-the-box, creative solutions. I can customize a preventative care plan, guide you through crises or challenging healthcare events, advocate for your interest, and refer you to appropriate regional specialists. Contact me.

Call for a free 5-minute holistic veterinary medical consultation. Thereafter, phone and email consultations and medical record review are valued at $2.30/minute. We can schedule as much time as we think you will need. You will only be charged for the time we use. See the fee schedule for house calls within Floyd, VA.

Mobile Holistic Veterinary Service in and around Floyd, Va

See the fee schedule.


Dr. Perrin Heartway

Holistic Veterinary House-call Service in Floyd, VA and Phone and Email Consultations World-wide

Call or email for a free 5-minute consultation. Thereafter,  consultations are valued at $2/minute. See here for the house call fee schedule.