What is Qi?

It is the Chinese name for the pervasive energy force that flows through everything in the universe. Every organism is born with a finite amount of Qi that is stored in the kidneys. We can gain more Qi (pronounced “chee”) by eating foods. The fresher and “healthier”, the more Qi. We want that, because Qi gives us energy to take on our daily tasks as well as having vision and manifesting those visions. Our animals are part of the same flow.

Where else can we gain more Qi?

Deep breathing, open-hearted connection to nature and healthy relationships, the warmth of the sun, a campfire and a warm bath are some great ways.

Another free, simple way to help our pets gain Qi  is by allowing them to run in the woods. Nobody has told me this. I have not read it anywhere. I just know it in my soul. Just like you know breathing fresh air is good for you. Have you ever watched a dog or pack of dogs run through the woods? They are home.

There is hype now around “forest bathing” and “earthing” for people. There is even research and/or science now backing these ideas. For a very convincing argument for the benefits of the “ultimate antioxidants” found in walking barefoot on the earth, see Dr. Mercola’s article. It is the same for pets.

There are many reasons that cats who spend at least part of their time outside have fewer behavioral problems. Perhaps the  healthy flow of Qi is one of them.

Walk your dog outside everyday. If you can safely let him off leash to make his own decisions about where he sniffs and pees, even better. If you can do those things in the woods, even better. Every bit counts.

This article was partially inspired by a client and friend who wants to be positively evaluated by a rescue organization, because she allows her dog to run off a leash in the woods. See the comment to my blog article, “I Should”.