“I should” write the first blog article for my new website about “alternative immunization schedules” or “home-made diets”. Isn’t that what is expected of me? “I should” is exactly why it took me a month to write this first blog article. It is not an inspiring platform. In fact, it is very destructive. (*)

Do any of these “shoulds” sound familiar to you?:

  • “I should give that recommended vaccine to my dog.” (even though it doesn’t feel quite right to me)
  • “I should do that test or give that medicine.” (even though I cant afford it and don’t even really want to)
  • “I should prepare a home-made diet for my pet.” (even though I don’t have time for it)

There is a time and place for all those things. However, if they are coming from a place of “I should”, they are probably a reaction to feelings of guilt, shame, or fear and probably to undue external pressure. For example, “I’m a bad pet owner, if I don’t do what my vet, the media, or even my friend tells me to do.”

I encourage you to look at what you “WANT”. Respond to your pet’s needs with accurate information and with compassion for him and yourself. I can help you with that.

People’s joy is found in “I want”. People are all full of passion and creativity. We find those gifts by asking ourselves what we “want.”

How do you “want” to live with your pet? How do you “want” to care for your companion? Those are the important questions.

You are a wonderful person for doing exactly what you “want”. We all deserve to know your passion and creativity.

If you can turn your “shoulds” into “wants”, you will be a happier and more decisive person. I will help you, if I can.

*(I am inspired by and experienced with alternative immunization schedules and home-made diets. I want to help pet owner’s with those issues. However, in my blog today, I “want” to explore the human experience, including how it pertains to living well with animal companions and their healthcare providers. Let’s do what we “want”!)