Mick is a retired detection dog with the North Carolina Canine Emergency Response Team.  In August of 2012 Mick was fine one day and the next morning came up very weak in the hind end, unable to make a turn without his hind end collapsing.  I immediately put a call in to Perrin to arrange an appointment for Mick.  Mick had seen Perrin on several occasions prior to this episode for geriatric support via chiropractic adjustments, but this was very different.

When Mick and I got to Perrin he observed Mick, did a head to toe exam and suggested acupuncture in addition to the chiropractic adjustment, which we did. With the insertion of the first needle I could tell Mick was feeling relief and in a calm place knowing innately that Perrin was helping him. In the time we were in Perrin’s office Mick went from a dog that had to have his hind end lifted into the back of our station wagon, to a dog that jumped into the back of the car like he used to.  The results were astounding.  Perrin suggested three sessions, first one was on Friday and the next two Monday and Wednesday.  Each time the improvement was astounding.

After continuing with the exercises that Perrin suggested, Mick continued to improve.  Today we visit Perrin every two months for chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture to insure his continued comfort and well being.  Not only is Perrin skilled in the art of both chiropractics and acupuncture it is his essence and calm demeanor that enhance his gift as a doctor of veterinary medicine.  Perrin is mindful of the whole picture including the economic aspect and will work within those guidelines to create a plan that will help the animal.

Thank you Perrin for all you do!

Melisa S.