Dr. Heartway has been and continues to be our favorite vet. He helped us start our fur kids on a raw diet and supplements. With his guidance they’re all doing wonderfully. One of our 7 cats has herpes in one eye. We chose to use the supplements that Dr. Heartway recommended to control the symptoms since there is no cure for herpes. Bobby is doing fine and is very healthy and happy. Perrin has given wonderful care and love to our crew. He used chiropractic and acupuncture on our Rottweiler, Crissy. The chiropractic and acupuncture helped to ease the pain and discomfort she lived with in her neck.  Crissy, absolutely loved Perrin. He was with us during the end of her life. He came to our home to euthanize her. He was very loving and caring.
We have a cocker spaniel, Buddy that tore both of the cruciate ligaments in his knees. After consulting Dr. Heartway and a conventional vet we decided to try Prolotherapy on Buddy’s knees. Buddy did great with the treatments. He shows no symptoms that the tears bother him after 3 years. Of course, Buddy loves Perrin too.
Jack, our older pug has had mast cell tumors. Dr. Heartway was able to successfully use bloodroot, a topical herbal treatment on most of them. He kept a very close eye on Jack’s different lumps over the years. Perrin put Jack on a Chinese herb, supplement, and bloodroot regiment that has kept the tumors away for 4 years now.
These are just a few of the many services and treatments that Dr. Heartway has used on our fur kids.

Joy & Dave P.